Empowering Decisions with Real Data

What We Do

We stand as the objective third party to help provide you with any available data that can be recovered from your car after an accident. 

Whether you are an individual, or a professional involved in the Traffic Accident/Crash Industry, we can recover and preserve your data. When possible we can be on scene immediately, otherwise our team will schedule the best way to reach a car, especially when it’s not operable.

Data Typically Found:

- Vehicle Speed

- Brake or Gas Pedal Engagement

- Force and Direction of Impact

- Seatbelt On/Off

- More...

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CDR Report

CDR report includes limited analysis and report authentication

Detailed analysis and full report of data as it applies to accident in question

Visual Documentation

Documentation of vehicle damage; i.e. photos, video, written report (Included with retrieval and full report).

Have a vehicle that was involved in a crash?
We can access that data!