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We use The Bosch CDR system to perform all of our vehicle readings:


“Bosch is the world leader in Event Data Recorder (EDR) information and imaging technology. Since 2000, Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) products have been trusted internationally by law enforcement, crash researchers, auto manufacturers and government agencies to access EDR information on a wide range of passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.”

Typically, these are the Data Points recorded by EDRs:

- The Forward & Lateral Crash Force

- The Crash Event Duration

- Indicated Vehicle Speed

- Accelerator Position

- Engine RPM

- Brake Application and Anti-Lock Brake Activation

- Steering Wheel Angle

- Stability Control Engagement

- Vehicle Roll Angle, In Case of a Rollover

- Number of Times the Vehicle has Been Started

- Driver and Front-Passenger Safety Belt Engagement, and Pretensioner or Force Limiter Engagement

- Air Bag Deployment, Speed, and Faults for All Air Bags Front Seat Positions

- Occupant Size
- Number of Crashes (One or more Impacts During the Final Crash Event)

Asset Tracking

Coming Soon


There are a host of tools out there today to read and diagnose vehicles, and the variety and complexity is always evolving.  We do our best to continually keep up with this leading edge technology, to be aware of current practices, and anticipate what’s coming next.


On our radar, we will soon be able to provide additional data recovery:


  • The BERLA System - this tool allows access to a vehicle’s infotainment center
    - Navigation System
    - Bluetooth
    - Phone History
    - Driver Accessories


  • Drone Surveillance

  • 3D Mapping and Scene Imaging

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