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What We Do

Our Team specializes in the recovery of data from EDRs (commonly referred to as Black Boxes).  Using the current Bosch Tool Technology we can recover data from a WIDE variety of cars and trucks.  We use this data to Analyze what was happening in the car, in the seconds before, during, and after impact.  We can recover data from minor impacts, all the way up to the most severe Total Losses. 


We document the damage of each vehicle with photos, location, and surrounding terrain, when appropriate.  We document our process of recovery.  We document special details pertinent to EACH CASE.

As investigators, we know every vehicle presents as a case by case basis and we take this seriously. When possible we can be on scene immediately, otherwise our team will schedule the best way to reach a car, especially when it’s not operable.

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Who Can Use This?


  • Personal Injury Attorneys

  • Defense Attorneys

  • Insurance Providers

  • Small Business Owners with Fleet Vehicles

  • Collision Centers

  • Accident Reconstructionists - Are you out of state?Want to spend less time driving out for a simple retrieval? 

  • Private Investigators

  • Personal Use - Want to make sure that CarFax is accurate?

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